Flucom Srl - Cartridge valves - manifolds-special applications- stainless-steel valves

Directional control valves, hydraulic-Flow control valves, special solutions......(more)
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Spagnol Emanuele - Tools

Tools for narrow bending without waves.
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Myrtus Srl - Brass plating

The polished brass plating is a galvanised finishing, in which a substrate of nickel is formed, over which a brass alloy layer is deposited. Myrtus brass plated is know for its shine and the excellent varnish which exalts the appearance and preserves it from oxidation. The process can be carried out over a ferrous or brass base.
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Meccanica Valchiampo Srl - Machined metallic parts

Milling and boring on CNC machines, turning and surface grinding
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Spagnol Emanuele - Stainless steel tube

The images show:
- milled stainless steel tube;
- stainless steel pipes for textile equipment;
- precision milling on ĝ 4mm tube.
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Tecnofuture Srl - Electrical power transmission

Electrical cables and copper earth braids connections
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F.B. INOX srl - Other metal deformation processes

FB2 - Flat head (flanged only)
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Ripamonti Meccanica Srl - Machined metallic parts

CNC vertical turning up to dia. 3200, height 2200
CNC turning up to 30 tons
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Meva Srl - Machined metallic parts

Precision Engineering
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Farbo Srl - Pneumatics

Pneumatic globe valves - ET EY EX Series
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Mario Fernando Srl - Other metal deformation processes

Gastronorm Container
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Myrtus Srl - Copper plated

The alkaline copper plating line in Myrtus can execute copper plating treatments with controlled thickness from 3-4 to over 15 µ, with an excellent penetration into the pieces and with a thickness certification for each lot. Furthermore, on request, a transparent protective varnishing can be also carried out.
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